Assistant Professor of Economics. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The Department of Economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, invites applications to fill up to two tenure track positions at the assistant professor level beginning in September 2019. Candidates should have completed, or be close to completing, a doctorate by this date. The Department is interested in applicants with the capability to publish in leading journals and to provide high-quality teaching. We welcome applications from all areas of economics.

Deadline and Selection Process

Applications must be received by November 15, 2018. Interviews will be conducted both at the ASSA Meetings in Atlanta (USA), at the European job market in Naples (Italy), and at the 43 SAEe Simposio de Análisis Económico in Madrid (Spain).  Candidates should mention in their CV the meeting(s) they plan to attend. After the interviews, the Departament will invite some candidates for campus visits and seminars.


The standard teaching load is 7 sections per year (about 140 teaching hours, possibly repeating some courses in different sections or providing tutorial support to some theory groups), but special arrangements are made for a number of reasons:

  1. New faculty members in TT are normally given a teaching reduction, so their typical teaching load is about 100 teaching hours per year, further reductions being possible in the first TT year.
  2. Teaching reductions can be assigned to non-tenured faculty members who obtain research fellowships (such as Ramon y CajalJuan de la Cierva).
  3. Teaching reductions for tenured faculty are competitively assigned every year based on the publication record of the previous three years.

Some administrative duties are also associated to further teaching reductions

Undergraduate classes are on a Semester Schedule with 1.5 hours of class per week for a total of 13 weeks. The first semester begins at the beginning of September and ends before the end of December with exams taking place in January. The second semester starts at the beginning of February and ends in mid-May, with exams taking place immediately thereafter. Students who fail their exams in the regular exam sessions (February and May) are offered a second opportunity in late June.

  1. Graduate classes are offered on a semester Schedule with exams taking place soon after classes end. Apart from final exams, there is also a Qualifying Exam in early July, for Phd admissions.


The graduate programs, all research activities an most communications within the department are conducted in English. Despite that around half of our undergraduate teaching is still in Spanish, an increasing number of students enroll in bilingual programs and receive all of their instruction in English. These classes are reserved for new non-Spanish speaking  faculty members for whom there is no uniform deadline for being able to teach in Spanish. This is normally agreed upon on an individual basis, and depending on the difficulty they might face with learning Spanish (i.e., mostly, depending on their native language).

The University offers Spanish courses to foreign students, researchers and professors, and the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas offers good quality classes at very cheap rates.


Applications should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, a sample of recent research and three letters of recommendation. All applications should be made via the electronic system at (see the link below). The application procedure requires applicants to name three professors in our department that they feel closest to in terms of research interests. If you encounter any problem with the application process, please contact the following e-mail address: